The Leading Dog Company is one of West London's longest running Day Care Centres. It is owned and run by me, Holly Ruddin, with the help of my Miniature Schnauzers, Jagger and Albie.


With four years of veterinary experience under my belt, I have a solid understanding of dog behaviour, training, health and husbandry. 


Over a twelve year period, the company has grown through word of mouth recommendations from long standing clients, local veterinary surgeries, dog trainers and dog groomers. Preferring to work on a small scale, I am able to build solid relationships with both dog and owner.


I am a firm believer that in order to provide a high level of service it is vital to build on and refresh my existing knowledge of dogs on a continuous basis. Whilst I strongly believe that experience gives you the best understanding of dogs, I also belive that reading expert literature and working closely with dog trainers ensures that I provide the best care possible. I use a number of methods developed by different dog training practitioners, namely Jan Fennell and Victoria Stilwell, adapting their teachings according to each dog's individual personality. I have also added to my knowledge by attending regular courses and seminars, and I recently completed a dog first aid course.


I ensure that the walks I take my dogs on are devised so that they will be having fun whilst exercising and learning valuable social skills through close supervision and interaction. The day is structured to provide appropriate periods of rest and exercise, according to your dog’s requirements.

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