Oscar, Boo and Bret


"I’d used about half a dozen dog walkers before I eventually found Holly around four years ago – and was having a bit of a nightmare with it. Trust in this business is so important when someone has keys to your house and is taking charge of your beloved pooches.


It was such a relief to find someone who I felt really understood my dogs – and wanted the best for them. Someone who was both reliable and who I felt I could trust – especially if something should go wrong. Also, someone who does more than just walk my dogs or just stand there for 30 minutes and just repeatedly throw a ball – but someone actively engages with them. Needless to say - my two absolutely adore Holly.


I like the fact that the dogs are out all day – not just for a couple of hours. Also, that they have both the time and freedom to play with the other dogs – in a safe and secure environment. They always come back both happy and suitably bushed.


Since I’ve been using Holly I’ve not felt any guilt about not being with my dogs – as I know they are in great hands and having a ball (pun intended!)"


Inca and Lucy


"Holly has been caring for my Labradors since first starting the Leading Dog Company in 2009.  From the outset, Holly has shown that she is a true professional - totally trustworthy, dependable and full of common sense.  Every decision she has made has been based on and dedicated to promoting the well-being of the dogs in her care.  From renting her own space, ensuring that it is inaccessible to other animals, to buying a specially-equipped, air-conditioned van and, recently, a warm-water dog washing system, it is clear that the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the dogs have been uppermost in her mind.  This professionalism and attention to detail mean that the service she offers is as reassuring and convenient to me as a dog owner as it is safe, comfortable and fun for my dogs.


Holly takes her responsibilities very seriously, getting to know each dog individually and thoroughly, and putting their interests ahead of her own.   She always lets me know if Tarka or Inca has seemed a bit off-colour, and on one occasion noticed a small cyst that I had missed.  She is also very protective of the dogs, having clear rules about what is acceptable behaviour, requiring the dogs to be fully vaccinated and giving plenty of advance warning of any planned holidays.  Over the years, Holly has developed a wealth of knowledge about dogs, their health and behaviour.  In particular, she has been an invaluable source of information about diet, optimum exercise levels and the subtle distinctions between different types of bedding for my dogs.  Holly is also a delightful, warm, thoughtful, friendly and unfailingly reliable person, who clearly loves being with her dogs just as much as they love being with her."

Pippa and Lisa


"I’m really particular about who takes care of my dog, especially because I own a delicate breed (Whippet) that can be easily injured whilst playing with bigger and sturdier dogs.  In the two years Holly has looked after her, she’s always returned throughly exhausted and in perfect shape!  Holly ‘reads’ and understands dogs really well, and only accepts ones that are well socialised and know how to interact and play well with the other dogs she looks after.  She’s extremely responsible, very knowledgable, and I’d highly recommend her services."

Biscuit and Sophie


"I have been using Holly as a dog walker for over six years and can thoroughly recommend her. 


Biscuit, our current dog, gets so excited when she hears Holly opening the front door and always comes home exhausted from a day of running and chasing her friends in the 6 acre farmland that Holly has for the dogs.  She even has a puppy area, special dog beds and hot showers are provided at the end of the day when conditions are muddy! Homemade liver treats are given out too.  Pure doggy heaven!


Regular posts of the dogs in action are lovely to watch on her Facebook page but the best is the annual Christmas card with the most beautiful photo of your dog, enjoying herself in the fields!  Truly a very personal service.


I have now gone back to work full time and really miss our chats at the end of the day but it is reassuring to know that my little Biscuit has her every need cared for with Holly and The leading Dog Company."


Dougie and The Threlfall family


"We didn't think anybody could give Doug as much love as we do, until we met Holly. She greets him each morning with tireless enthusiasm. And, after a day of fresh air and exercise with his buddies, delivers him home, tired and happy. Dougie couldn't be in safer hands. We would all be lost without her."

Maisie and Linda


"Our 14month old cockerpoo Maisie has been going to daycare with The Leading Dog Company since April 2015.
She is always very excited when Holly arrives to collect her and obviously loves her time there.

I feel confident that Maisie is safe, having a wonderful time, and will come back hungry and calm for the rest of the evening.

Holly is always so cheerful and friendly, knows the dogs in her charge very well and is very reliable. She is also flexible whenever she can be re fitting in extra or different days if there is a need.

I would unreservedly recommend the leading dog company."

Gypsy, Olga and Ricky


"Holly thank you so much for all the care and attention you put into our naughty beagle, Gypsy.


We are so lucky we found you. You have such a positive impact on Gypsy and through her on all of us. There is no one we trust with our puppy as much as you and we have never met anyone as reliable as you. Thank you!" 

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